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Why Your Business Should Be Utilizing Email Marketing in 2019

Chances are, you woke up to an inbox full of emails today. Maybe you laid in bed and started reading them right away. Or maybe you saved them for your first couple hours of work at the office. Either way, their constant presence in your life is something you’re probably used to by now.

And you’re not alone.

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Approximately half of the world’s population—more than 3.8 billion people—used email in 2018. If that isn’t impressive enough, that number is expected to grow to over 4.2 billion by the end of 2022.

With so many people actively using email, there’s a lot of opportunity for both retaining and gaining business through effective email marketing. It allows you to remain on the minds of your current customers while engaging potential leads and growing your business.

But does email marketing really still work in 2019? Yes. It absolutely does.

Top Reasons to Utilize Email Marketing in 2019

It offers a great return on investment (ROI).

Everyone wants the best bang for their buck, especially business owners, so it only makes sense to invest your marketing dollars into strategies that more than pay for themselves. And with each dollar invested in email marketing bringing in an average return of $44—a better ROI than SEO and keyword ads combined—you can rest assured that investing your marketing budget in email marketing will give your company measurable results.

It’s more effective than social media marketing.

While your company should definitely be actively engaging in social media due to the benefits of increasing your brand awareness and connecting more personally with your customers, when it comes to converting people into clients, customers, or supporters, studies show that email marketing is the way to go.

It can easily reach people on their mobile devices.

Two-thirds of emails are read on smartphones or tablets, so if you’re looking to reach consumers while they’re on their mobile devices, email marketing is a great tactic. This can be especially beneficial if your ideal call to action is for a customer to call you for more information. If you send an email and a person opens it on their mobile phone, they’ll be able to click on your phone number immediately rather than needing to remember to later.

It allows for segmenting and targeting key contacts.

Rather than needing to send the same email to everyone in your contacts, or painstakingly customizing individual emails one at a time, modern email marketing providers allow you to send customized emails to specific groups of people, such as individuals who opened your last two email campaigns, or people who left an item in their online shopping cart. This ability to segment your audience is powerful because when an email is segmented and targeted relevantly, it can increase profits up to 18 times more.

What Are You Waiting For?

With a high ROI and a relevance that will only increase in the coming years, email marketing is a natural addition to a well-rounded marketing strategy. If the lack of an internal email marketing specialist is holding you back, consider working with a trusted digital marketing agency to get your email marketing efforts off the ground.

At Launch Runner, we offer effective, affordable email marketing plans tailored to meet the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses. To learn more about our services, as well as the results we’ve delivered for past customers, contact us today!