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We Dug in Deep to Build this Garden Company a Beautiful Website

Here at LaunchRunner, we excel at building websites for new businesses that are looking to get their names out into the limelight, but every so often we get a company that has such a rich history that spans decades in their industry.

This is just what Cal’s Market has to offer the gardening and landscaping industry.

In 1961, Cal Chatwick founded his company right out of high school and immediately found success with his business. Since then he, and his daughter Carina, have been providing a variety of gardening services, including landscape design, plant trimming, personal shopping, deliveries, garden maintenance and even activities for kids!

All they needed was a new website to help continue this legacy for decades to come.

Since websites don’t grow on trees, we put our designers to work on building a customized site that really accentuates the green thumbs who work at Cal’s Market.

Check out the fruits of our harvest in the before and after images below.

Cals Before

Cals After

Gone are the low resolution graphics and the boxy layout that made up their old site. In place of the dated user interface is an easily navigable experience complete with beautiful pictures and up-to-date web designs.

If you are looking to spruce up your garden, just want to add a bit of green to your yard, check out the brand new website of Cal’s Market for a one-of-a-kind gardening experience.