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Rudy’s Smokin’ Hot New Design

Looking for a BBQ joint that isn’t one of the average chain restaurants you see everywhere? Rudy’s Smokehouse, locally owned and operated in Springfield, Ohio, is the place to go.

Rudy’s isn’t your typical Southern BBQ restaurant. They not only provide dine-in, tender barbecue pork and beef filled with delicious flavors, but they also provide a variety of food for carryout, delivery and catering.

They cater for all occasions of all sizes. Weddings, graduations, picnics, holiday parties, meetings, special occasions, and more! In additional to the variety of events they cater, they have a friendly and professional catering staff that provides nothing but excellent service for all your needs.

While they specialize in quality meats and barbecue, their website seemed to be in need of a little more attention. That’s where we decided to step on in.

Take a look at the before and after images to see the difference:

Rudy's before and after

We thought they should have a quality website to show off their quality food and services. While their culinary team has been serving for over 40 years, we updated and customized their website to have more functionality, easier navigation, plus bigger and better images.

Have you ever visited a restaurant’s website and the pictures of the food don’t look very appetizing? We wanted to make sure Rudy’s images were shown off throughout the entire site, so the meals look as irresistible as they are in person.

What do you think about their new website? Do you have any events coming up that would need some catering? Let Rudy’s cater your next event!