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Docks & Ramps Unloads New Look

Are you in market for some professional-grade materials handling equipment? Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent, Docks & Ramps is the place to do business.

Docks & Ramps is a company that values the partnerships it has formed across multiple industries. From materials handlers to clients in shipping and receiving, this company has formed true bonds with their customers and vendors that last for decades.

Now, we are proud to introduce the partnership that we have formed with them as well.

Docks & Ramps has been in business since 1989, and their old-fashioned website reflected just that. They are professionals in their respective industry, and we thought that they deserved a custom design that reflected their expertise. That’s why set out to completely revamp the way that their website looks.

The results speak for themself. Just take a look at the before and after photos.

Docks Ramps Before (1)

Docks Ramps After (1)

Gone are the old-school graphics, simple interface and drab color scheme. Even their logo received a hefty overhaul. In place of the dated design, we left them a simple yet sleek website that is easy-to-navigate and shows off the professional side of their operations.

Now, when you’re looking for replacement ramps and docking equipment (either new or used), you can surf Docks and Ramps’ new website with ease, finding exactly what you need in a manner of minutes.

How’s that for a total and complete website overhaul?