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Can I Hire Someone to Blog for Me?


So, let’s say you have a business/product/book that you want to succeed. You understand you need a website, but you’ve also recently learned that a website isn’t enough. You need to do this thing called “SEO” in order for people to come to your website.

SEO (or search engine optimization) is an ongoing process that increasing the likelihood of your website appearing in relevant searches on places like Google, bringing quality leads to your website in the form of “organic traffic”.

In an ideal example, it plays out like this:

Let’s say you do drywall in Minneapolis, MN. Someone goes to Google, types “drywall Minneapolis”, sees your name at the top, clicks to your website, and ultimately contacts you through the website. The two of you discuss terms, you’re hired for the job, and everyone is happy.

That is the end result of successful SEO. And a big part of making that happen is generating regular, quality content that pertains to your industry. In other words, you need to blog.

There’s Just One or Two Problems…

You hate writing.

Or you’re terrible at it.

Or you simply don’t have the time.

It quickly becomes something you promise to get around to when you have time. But you’ll probably just keep putting it off. Meanwhile, your website traffic is stagnant and sad.

And the question finally crosses your mind…

Can’t I Just Hire Someone to Do This for Me?

Of course.

Hiring a professional writer for your blog is the best way to generate regular, quality content. The trouble is, most businesses don’t have enough need (or enough budget) to hire a full-time staff writer.

Also, even skilled writers aren’t necessarily good at writing blog posts, and they might not understand the first thing about proper SEO. That’s why most companies (that take their website seriously) hire an external company to do their blog writing.

But How Can Someone Outside of My Industry Write About My Company?

This is a question we get all the time. The truth is, the large majority of successful marketing you see in the world was created by a team or a person that doesn’t actually work in the industry it’s marketing.

Speaking as someone with a background in blogging for other companies, I can tell you that I have a four-year degree in writing. I was trained to write about things I don’t understand or don’t know anything about and sound like I do.

While Launch Runner no longer offers blog writing as a service, there are many companies that do. Additionally, there are platforms like Upwork and Fiverr where you can find freelance writers to help out.

Many of these people are college educated and professionally trained to research your industry and craft content that’s accurate, relevant, and good for search engines.

Find a Way That Works for You

If you have the ideas, but struggle to find the words, a writer can take them and form them into a cohesive post.

If you’re willing to share knowledge and answer questions, but don’t have the time or energy to take an active role, you can find writers to work with that as well.

And if you don’t want to have any part in it, and you simply want someone creating and posting content on your website, you can go that route. However, we’d suggest you at least monitor what’s being put on your blog to ensure its accuracy.

Unless you’re one of those niche commerce businesses that can succeed solely through social media ads on Facebook and Instagram, you’re going to need SEO to drive traffic to your website.

That means you need blogging and content optimization. Trust in a professional.