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What to Ask Before Choosing a Website Design Company for Your Small Business

When it comes to choosing someone to build your website, it’s hard to know where to even start. Not only are there more web design companies out there than there are fragrances of deodorant, but they all seem to offer different services across different platforms for drastically different prices.

And they’re probably using some terminology you don’t really understand.

So what do you do? You could choose a company at random. But we have a better suggestion:

Start by determining your needs.

Not just what you need out of your website, but what you need/expect from the team that’s building it.That way you know whether a company will be a good fit for your business. Maybe you don’t even know what you need or what to expect.

You’re in luck. We’ve put together a simple list of questions every small business should ask themselves before deciding on a website design company.

Will they help guide you?

Different businesses are at different levels of technical knowledge. If you’re on the lower end of technical know-how, some web companies aren’t willing or capable of properly explaining the different pieces of your website.

From general site building to content structure to hosting and beyond, they’ll expect you to figure it out for yourself or get left behind in confusion.

Other companies may do the opposite, overbearing you with excessive and repetitive information.

What you should look for is a company that will meet you where you’re at regardless of level of understanding you have.

Will they treat you with equal respect and attention?

Many website companies work with a wide-range of business sizes. This creates an uneven dynamic between their various clients, with some paying a much more premium price.

At the end of the day, the bigger, higher paying businesses will get most of the attention along superior service.

This is fine if you’re one of the big businesses. But for the small-time companies and fresh startups, they can find themselves being treated as less than what they deserve.

The ideal web design company will treat all client with equal, quality attention.

Will your website match your brand and voice?

Many web design companies offer low prices and promised turn-around times that seem too good to be true. And that’s because they usually are. These companies turn out websites on an assembly line, changing a few words, placing your logo at the top, and calling it done.

At the end of the day, these websites all look the exact same, bearing little resemblance to your brand, style, and voice.

What you need is a company that will customize the look and feel to match your aesthetic, from color scheme to photography, and more. If you need someone to handle the verbiage for your website, make sure they can do that too.

Are they affordable and flexible?

If you’re a small business, you likely have a limited budget set for what you can afford to spend on your website. The company you choose will, of course, need to be able to work with that.

The trouble is, many web companies expect the website to be paid upfront, or at least half-now, half later.

This adds up to thousands of dollars all at once, something many small businesses simply can’t afford. If that’s you, then you need someone with a more flexible payment structure.

Do they offer post-launch services?

Building the website is only half the battle. Actually it’s much less than half the battle. Once it’s finished, your website needs to be hosted, maintained, and updated. Occasionally, something may break on it, and you’ll need that fixed.

Hosting, updating, and support is something every website needs, and yet many website companies either don’t offer it, or they charge very high rates.

Will the website look good on mobile?

No matter what your industry, we’ve reached a time in the internet where mobile design is a must. In fact, search engines like Google will actually penalize websites that aren’t mobile friendly. Because of this, every web design company out there will say they offer mobile-friendly or “responsive” websites.

However, many consider the mobile site to be an after-thought that gets no extra attention or styling.

The result is a website that’s confusing and unattractive on phones and tablets. This will likely result in a loss of business for your company.

How fast can they turn the website around?

Once you’ve decided to pull the trigger on a new website, you don’t want to be waiting around for months until its ready. And with today’s technology, you shouldn’t have to.

As long as you’re providing the web designer with everything they need, they should be able to have your website polished and ready to launch in weeks, not months.

Does that sound like a lot of expectations?

You should want a great website for your business. In order for your website to be great, it doesn’t just have to look nice. It has to meet your needs. But you also have to be able to afford it.

That’s we created Launch Runner. Launch Runner is a web design company with services tailor made for startups and small businesses of all shapes and sizes. We offer beautiful, modern websites customized to match your brand for a very affordable monthly rate.

Our services are streamlined to guide you step-by-step through the design and building process so that you always know where your website is at.

Once the website is finished, we offer hosting and support services so that your website stays up and running, remaining as functional as the day it launched.

Want to learn about what Launch Runner can do for you? Contact us today!