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An Elegant New Website Design for Rush’s Bridal

Wedding season is officially upon us, and just in time for the party is a fresh new website design for Rush’s Bridal.

As the longest running wedding salon in the entire state of Minnesota, Rush’s Bridal has an aura of timelessness that memorizes you the second you walk through the door. They’ve provided dresses to the children and even grandchildren of some of earliest clients, keeping the tradition alive for more than half a century.

They even had a few celebrity appearances over their long career in the industry.

Family owned and operated since 1948, Rush’s Bridal has been wrapping brides in elegant designer dresses since long before the inception of web design.

Their company may be timeless, but their website wasn’t. And, when you’ve been in business that long, a website redesign is always inevitable.

That’s why our team set out to tailor a fantastic new design that would capture the elegance and that has made Rush’s Bridal so successful.

Take a look at the results below.


rushs bridal


rushs bridal

We took the boxy and dated design of their website and gave it a modern design that is sure to catch the eye’s brides for generations. We replaced the stock photography with actual photos of their dress designs, and made them the stars of the site. Combined with an easily navigable user interface, brides can now get a taste of the amazing experience they will have while shopping for the perfect dress at Rush’s Bridal.

You’re big day is coming, and you’ll want to look your best. So, check out their website and then set your appointment with Rush’s Bridal to find a look that is perfect for your wedding day.