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A Brand New Website for a Growing Business Come to Life

Everyone has wanted, at least at some point, to have a better life. But have you ever actually tried to get there?

It may be a hard journey, but anyone can achieve the results that they want. That’s the message that Kristin, founder and owner of 7Lifestyle Fitness wants to convey.

It takes a certain degree of passion to want to help someone live a better life, and that’s just what Kristin of 7Lifestyle Fitness has.

It was her passion for bring out the best in people that made us want to build and launch her new website. She has spent her entire life getting to this point in her journey (she literally took an interest in fitness at the age of five), and we here at LaunchRunner are happy to have become a part of it.

Check out the website design that we built for her below.

With this website design, we chose to focus on Kristin’s life journey and how she uses it to help her clients. Scroll through the homepage to see animated photos and links spring to life. Then, take a trip on over to the products and services section to see what 7Lifestyle Fitness has to offer you.

This website build has a lot to offer. Everything from her interactive workout calendar to her “Recipe of the Week” come together to form a holistic approach to living a better life.

From cooking classes to workout routines, supplements, cleanses and oils, everything is better with 7Lifestyle Fitness. Whether you are looking to think better, sleep better, eat better, drink better, move better, perform better or live a better life, 7Lifestyle can make it happen.

And you can find it all on their brand new website.