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What to Expect When Expecting a Website

Congrats on signing up for a new Launch Runner website!

Once it’s live and your customers are visiting it, telling you how beautiful and easy to navigate it is, you’ll have no doubt that you made the right decision.

In the meantime, we have some work to do. It’s common for people to get a little antsy when expecting a new website. If you have a current website, you’ll realize more than ever how inadequate it is.

Don’t worry, it’ll be done soon. But you’re going to need to help us. Our speed in setting up the website depends largely on your direction and response time. Respond quickly and give clear direction, and we’ll deliver a satisfying product in record time.

However, frequent mind-changing, vague feedback, and late replies can result in your site build entering digital limbo. And that’s something no one wants.

If there’s something about your site that you don’t like at all, PLEASE tell us. Saying “yeah, it’s great” when it’s not and then revealing three months later that you’ve always hated the design is bad for everyone.

Don’t worry, we’re big boys (and girls). We can take some criticism.

Really, we just want you to have an awesome site that’s live and being used. Launching websites is our favorite thing. That’s why launch is in our name.

See you at the finish line!