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How Do I Blog About My Business?


So let’s assume you understand a blog can be great for any website, okay? You know that creating fresh, relevant content on the regular will help you rank higher in search engines, keep visitors on your site longer, and make it look like you’re actively engaged in your community.


There’s just one problem: you have no idea how to blog about your business.

You know so much, but have no idea how to communicate it

It’s hard to know who will be reading the blog. You may wonder if anyone will read it all. Also, writing is hard. Especially when it feels like you’re shooting in the dark. The good news is, we believe that any business can be blogged for.

All you need is the right approach.

Here’s some simple advice that can hopefully get your blogging-gears turning.

Something is [Generally] Better Than Nothing

There are those that want their blog to be the source of relevant information and discussion in their industry. Unless you plan on devoting the majority of your time to your blog, it’s not going to happen. The go-to blogs and magazines for your market are operated by full-time writers, journalists, speakers, and experts.

Your blog is a supplementary voice at best. To get any sort of reputation, you’ll need time and consistent blogging. To build momentum, many of your posts (especially earlier ones) will consist of stating things that are pretty obvious. And that’s great because…

People are Searching for the Obvious

We’ve had clients say to us multiple times “that’s a pretty surface level topic” or “everyone in the industry already knows that”, but do you know what most people search for in search engines?

Surface level information. The kind of things you think everyone already knows.

You should never assume that your target market knows anywhere near as much as you do about your product, service, niche, etc.

And sure, you can have peer discussions on your blog. You can have a few posts that get technical. But at the end of the day, you want to attract customers, not peers. That’s your blog’s purpose.

Think about the questions people ask you regularly. Think about the pain points your customers face. Make a list of all the topics that your customers mix up and get confused by.

These areas are blogging gold mines.

Rotate Your Topics

If you try to blog about the same thing over and over, you will become burnt out. Instead, utilize different categories to break up the monotony while still keeping things focused.

One topic might be about the different things you’re able to do for your customers. Another topic might focus on your industry as a whole. The next could focus on general tips and advice. Give a little insight for free to establish credibility.

And lastly, you can always have some fun posts. Which reminds us…

Have Some Fun

Blogs, by nature, are more personal and direct than news articles or white paper material. You can make a joke or two and talk like a real person. Your blog is an opportunity to give your business some personality.

A little personality goes a long way.

Hire a Professional

All of the big news and blogging sites in your industry are utilizing skilled writers. Why shouldn’t you? With a professional writer at your side, that knowledge inside of your head can be translated into typed words with ease.

Additionally, these marketers can research topics, stay current on your industry, and ultimately generate posts all by themselves. Well, the good ones at least.

At LaunchRunner, our writing team is ready to give as much help as you need. We offer a variety of marketing packages that extend beyond blog writing, turning your website into a lead capturing funnel.

Contact us today for more information.

Have any blogging related questions? Feel free to ask them below.